Ongaro & Fuga is part of the thirteen Murano furnaces who have collaborated for the realization of the Exhibition “Murano Glass Beyond the Barricades” that will be exposed from 9th to 16th september 2018 at the Bugno Art Gallery.

As previously anticipated, the subject of the exhibition is the artistic reinterpretation of the gray traffic barriers.  In particular we drew inspiration from the East Side Gallery, which is considered the biggest open-air art gallery in the world.
We made a traffic barrier with mirror bricks and only one side was decorated with a floral pattern and a graffiti writing, to remember how the East Side Gallery was bare when the wall fell and that this huge canvas was offered to the artists of the time to paint it and above all its important message.

We remind you the date from 9th to 16th September 2018 at the Bugno Art Gallery in the heart of Venice.

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