Our Merletto di Murano from creation up to its exhibition.

The glass museum was founded in 1861. It contains not only history but also art and value of Murano island. It has guided to the discovery of the glassmaking technique tourists and all the interested people for over 150 years.

For the opening of the new Brandolini exhibit we were invited to take part in the great cause which the museum has promoted: to honor an amazing material like glass and to get people to appreciate his potentiality.

Therefore, From 23 february you’ll find our ‘’Merletto di Burano’’ exhibited permanently. It’ s a mirror with thorough trim and motifs which can only remind us the elaborate Burano lace.

From the tradition memories, through the imagination, with a simple pencil, and using his creativity, during a typical family night, giuliano sat at his home table and designed a exhibition mirror.

So the researches of materials began, from the wood pieces to the colors choice.

670 pieces have been cut to compose the mirror. They are engraved wheels and silvered as the original drawing.

The grinding was handmade matt and high-gloss to emphasise the non- perforated wood pieces.

In conclusion all the necessary parts were refinished, polished and assembled creating an 2.60m x 2.80m artwork.

We would remind you that our work will be exhibited permanently and we hope to  arouse your curiosity and to see you all at the museum.