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Carlo Goldoni is the great Venetian playwright who has profoundly transformed the theater of the time, introducing on stage the "truth" of everyday life, which until then has always been masked by the fairy tale illusion. Is precisely this "truth", the truth of existence with which you can not come to terms, to undermine any previous certainty and to trigger the short circuit of the Goldoni theater. Through his theatrical reform Goldoni unmasks the characters of the Commedia dell'Arte and puts the society of his time in front of the mirror.

Today we live in the age of images, or so everyone says. But paradoxically  has never been so difficult for each of us to read, analyze and interpret them.
The speed at which images are transmitted, especially with the new technologies, seems inversely proportional to our ability to understand them in all their complexity.
Instagram and selfie are the response to Today's hunger for images.


Throughout the ages, the only object that was inextricably linked to the image idea from art to literature, from new media to design, is certainly the mirror.  Because precisely it reflects everything around it, but also the image of those who look at it, it has always strong symbolic connotations.


Il Teatro allo Specchio project, designed and organized by Veniceartfactory and Ongaro e Fuga, through the selection of some designers, who present contemporary mirrors made with the ancient Murano techniques, tries to question itself on the gap between our image and our being.
Our reflection on the mirror, as that of others, is absolutely specific and unique and that's exactly what makes our mirror image without doubt the most complex to read and interpret.

Simone Crestani

In the mirror, as in the theater, recognition and illusion are confused, they give rise to an inner chaos which is tied to our constant desire to read our identity in the reflection or in the character who’s playing on the stage.