The exhibition "Rose, rose and a shadow of violet" by the artist Rosslyn Piggott at Milani Gallery Brisbane ended yesterday.
Rosslynd Piggott’s work has received wide acclaim, having been represented in over 50 important exhibitions, and numerous prestigious curated exhibitions and events, both nationally and internationally.
Her practice is influenced by Japanese culture, her delicate and airy images have been said to offer the merest wisp of the ungraspable.
She presents a part of the second body of engraved glass works made in our factory. 

Mirror shift presents a move to working with handmade Murano glass in various tints. The rippled edge of these coloured sheets is evidence of its previously liquid form as poured glass. Piggott has responded to the seductive and suggestive nature of the material and made floral drawings directly onto the glass.
The engravings present the garden, a selective Nature in a place of mesmeric shift, a multiplied and collapsed space.

The viewer is implied in this space as we struggle to locate and understand it- suspended between a beauteous lure and fearful shatter.