We made some mirrors for the Creation of new levels of luxury accommodation aboard the historic Orient-Express Train; each suite features private bathrooms with showers, double beds and a living area.
The rooms were named like the romantic cities to which the train travel, Paris, Venice and Istanbul and the design of each cabin reflect the spirit of each city, the spirit of each city is brought to life with thoughtful design touches.
The design project was undertaken by London based Wimberly Interiors. To capture the epitome of classic luxury travel that the Venice Simplon-Orient-Express exudes, They recreate the essence of art deco glamour in an elegant and timeless design.

Inspired by Istanbul's Grand Bazaar, this suite is full of opulent details included hand-carved timber, embossed leather, and embellished metal accents.


The Venice Grande Suite is influenced by Italian Baroque and Renaissance design. Guests will find plenty of silk and woven fabrics, Venetian furniture in rich shades of blue and our Venetian Mirrors.

Venice Simplon-Orient-Express travels throughout between London, Paris and Venice from March to November and from Paris to Istanbul once a year in August/September on an extraordinary journey from west to east where Europe meets Asia.