From 6th November 2018 to 31th January 2019 we’ll be in New York  in Soho (39 Wooster street) with a mirror designed by Zanellato/Bortotto and presented at our exhibition "The Theatre in The Mirror".

While we are waiting for more info, we want to answer to some questions which have been asked for this wonderful occasion, starting from our idea of  ​“design”.
Design is the conception and the ideation of items aesthetically pleasing, for us this word coincides to look at the things around us with different eyes, is our think different, as long as the desire to instill new emotions, in short all things that generally people don’t because they are anchored in the tradition.

The second question concerns the way to express ourselves through our work. It’s easy to answer it in a nutshell.
We love our work unconditionally, every mirror made by us owns soul and heart of each of us and it’s only thanks to this love that we can bring out the best in a design, in a piece of wood and in so much transparent glass.
Finally we want to share with you our secret about our Source of Inspiration, It is based on ancient and classic traditions which gives us our renowned artistic technique, but reaching into new shapes and colors, always looking for new beauty.