The Palazzo Contarini on the Canal Grande in the Magazzino Gallery, hosted the renowned glass artist, Maria Grazia Rosin’s exhibition d’arZento Landscape 2018. This project was conceived in collaboration with Ongaro e Fuga.

“Theme of the double, of the alternative universe, of beauty and divination. The mirror, besides being a symbol of deception, fleetingness and vanity, also depicts the opposite; truth, eternity and reality .... In other cultures the mirror is attributed to the power to materialize the past, the present and the future ......”
Maria Grazia Rosin

D’arZento Landscape 2018 is composed of blue oval pirex glass treated with luster and mirrored. The core of the work is composed of five mirrored modular elements of different volumes that can be repeated indefinitely. A landscape that extends to the prolific multiplication of liquid mirror cells in dynamic interaction with the environment.“