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Art. 69 color

Venetian mirrors

The great expertise of the master glass-workers in Venice brought tothe creation of structural and stylistic solutions with the use of countless decorative elements of blown glass.
Influenced by Baroque style the mirrors became soon a jubilation of curves, spirals and crystal details, which transparency and sparkle that were smartly used to cover the rough glass cuts or the wooden framework supporting the artefact.
Nowadays the Venetian mirror is still exploiting decorative details to hide the load-bearing structure, transforming a very heavy to carry object and its complex architecture into a visually delicate and absolutely elegant piece. 

Product details

H. 130cm, W. 87cm

Curls, rosettes, flowers and torchon in Murano glass colored in hot fusion

Customizable sizes and colors

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Venetian artistic Mirror 'Art. 69 C', detail
Art. 69 C, Venetian artistic Mirror