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Simone Crestani
A mirror by Simone Crestani carefully cut and plished by hand explores the dichotomy between object and reflection. The work adorned with delicate silver glass bubbles made using traditional Venetian techniques represent the interplay of reflected image and original object, revealing the disenchanted impartial reproduction and the innumerable symbolic and moral implications attributed to it. Bubbles tentatively rest on the extremities of the mirror or sofly collapse, causing fragments to fall beneath the precarious surface and to encroach upon the image. Hand polished mirror with blown borosilicate glass spheere in various shapes and size.

There is a second mirror where the reflective surface is thus erased, corroded and oxidised, resulting in a subtle disintegration of the faded reflection returned to the viewer. Only in this way does the intrinsically conflictual relationship between the indifferent witnesses and the secret confessors disappear within its autonomous and often unsettling presence.

Product details

H. 100cm, W. 77cm

Hand blown bubbles according to the Venetian tradition

Aged with the particular mercury antiquing technique

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