'' The Role of the Mirror in Painting'' and the exhibition of our special mirror Bucintoro.

Our “Bucintoro” mirror will be exhibited at the Candiani Cultural Center in Mestre (Venice) until 27 may 2018 for the new exhibition “Around glass and its reflection on painting” organised by the Municipality of Venice and the Fondazione Musei Civici di Venezia (Venice Civic Museums Foundation).

This exhibition puts the focus on the special connection between painting and glass.

Indeed since the sixteenth century the glass works of the Murano masters have acquired a fundamental role in the paintings as aesthetic, symbolic and instrumental elements able to provide an image to copy and an inspirational model for the artistic creation.

The mirror is the ultimate symbol of vanity infact it is a metaphor of human and social fragility and of the loose grip on reality as in the Narcissus myth.

But thanks to its reflection it acts as an important component of the painting: like a mirror can optically enlarge a room and illuminate it, so the painter uses it to illuminate the picture painted. However the mirror reflection becomes essential to make visible all the things hidding from sight of the outside observer and it is a real decoration element.

So the exhibition itinerary is based on the interesting and fascinating comparison between material and painted mirror through the murano art glass history in relation to the painting from 16th century up to now.

Our mirror is an refine reproduction of a Museo Veneziano mirror, it was made with pieces of ground and engraved wheels mirror thanks to experienced and dedicated labour.

We invite you to visit the exhibition to be really involved by our work and to have an unique experience.