Design mirrors

Over the years, the mirror has become a fundamental item of interior décor, increasingly often playing the starring role of the most disparate rooms in the home.

Changing tastes and styles have driven us to experiment with new and original solutions, playing with decorative elements, shapes and colours.

Expertise, craftsmanship and the force of tradition are put at the disposal of new ideas and new domestic requirements to create unique and exclusive design pieces.

Partnerships with artists, architects and designers also allow us to give rise to creations that go beyond the mirror to become art objects.

Price range


Art. Fil Gris


Art. Baicoi


Art. Ca' Verbena


Art. Losanghe

h 90 cm _ w 90 cm<br />h 150 cm _ w 91 c

Art. Cerchi

h 122 cm _ w 91 cm<br />h 228 cm _ w 134 cm

Art. Luna

Diam. 80 / 100 / 120 cm